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New edge devices like smart meters and sensors in the utility distribution sector emphasize the importance of gathering network data and identifying overall health by improving visibility​.

What if there was a single, unified solution to help improve reliability and overall visibility of electric, water and gas networks?

In its Best Practices Research report, Frost & Sullivan identified the AclaraONE® (One Network for Everyone) platform to be the one-stop solution that fulfills these requirements. AclaraONE offers distribution network monitoring, customer engagement, data analytics, and network optimization with a single shared view of electric, water and gas networks.


"Significantly, AclaraONE unifies analytics and monitoring capabilities for each of a multi-service utility’s distribution segments on a single platform. It is highly flexible, with features like multitenancy, high adaptability and scalability,"
Nikhil Vinay, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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