Smart grid sensors are simpler and less expensive way to monitor substations than typical solutions They have integrated cellular communications, are easy to deploy via hot stick, and don’t require any ancillary equipment to be installed.

Smart grid sensors allow utilities to quickly gain real-time visibility into the grid by:

  1. Offering highly accurate voltage and current measurementsHow to monitor your none scada substation with smart grid sensors
  2. Protecting critical substations when deployed at the head of the circuit before the first load connection
  3. Helping utilities meet key grid modernization initiatives at a much more affordable price point than alternatives

Find out how smart grid sensors are used by a variety of utilities including DTE Energy and Manitoba Hydro to monitor substations.

“Now that the technology has caught up and is Integrated at the right price point, getting data from the grid through sensors makes business sense. We are now of the mindset to monitor everything.”

Vince Dow, Vice President, Distribution Operations, DTE Energy


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