The Grid Monitoring platform identifies and tracks worst performing circuits (WPCs) using Medium Voltage (MV) line sensors with integrated communications. This application guide offers an example of a North American utility that was able to target tree trimming activities based on knowledge from the system and make improvements before the circuit landed on the WPC list.

“Getting data from the grid through sensors makes business sense. We are now of the mind set to monitor everything”
Vince Dow, Vice President, Distribution Operations, DTE Energy
Identify and monitor worst performing circuits with smart grid sensors

This guide outlines how Aclara's platform:

  1. Provides trends of monthly performance event type.
  2. Allows utilities to compare the Grid Monitoring platform event reporting of circuits against the WPC list that is generated.
  3. Enables utilities to pro-actively develop and implement a recovery plan prior to the circuit being added to the WPC report.


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