Study Explores Current State of Distribution Automation and Electric Utilities' plans for Deploying DA Technologies.Distribution automation ecosystem - Aclara

Distribution automation (DA) can achieve substantial impacts—such as improving distribution system resilience and reliability, and the integration of selected distributed energy resources (DER)—as utilities modernize their grid infrastructure. DA requires an ecosystem of technologies to fully achieve these benefits, but utilities have yet to build out this ecosystem.

Where are utilities investing in DA today? How do they expect their DA investments to change in the years ahead?

Today and Tomorrow: The Distribution Automation Ecosystem is a recent report by Zpryme to understand the current state and future vision of DA for utilities.

This research considers:

  • The current state and future vision of DA for utilities
  • DA technologies needed to build the DA ecosystem and best leverage its benefits.
  • The steps required for utilities to build a DA ecosystem

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